Inspired by Victorian paper peepshows, often thought to be early iterations of VR, and drawing on the history of the Tableau vivant, Displace Studio alongside Loughborough University students have created a snapshot in time - a living picture - that uses modern technologies such as Volumetric Capture and 3D Scanning to digitise the student performers and capture University locations to create a Virtual Reality Tableau.

Abstract and everyday choreographies invoke the nostalgia of passing time as students go through university life. With an atmospheric soundtrack and cinematic style, audiences traverse several scenes representing emotional states such as anxiety, challenge, growth, transformation and success as they travel towards a final event that questions the transience of people, and the permanence of place.


  • Displace Studio offer talks and workshops on our work. We discuss performing in virtual worlds, explore the key artistic concepts, and demonstrate the technologies used. Contact us for bookings.
  • 5 Oct
  • Tableau Vivant - Launch
  • Loughborough University
  • Loughborough
  • Virtual Reality Downloads
  • Tableau Vivant can be installed on a Meta VR Headsets.

  • Install from Meta App Store.
  • Or search for "tableauvivant" on the Store app on your headset

  • Or Install from Sidequest.

  • 360 Video
  • Tableau Vivant is a VR experience for the Meta Quest VR Headset but you can watch it online as a 360 video.

  • Watch 360 Video Version